Vivacity is an organizational wellness and productivity consulting company. We help employers develop strategic wellness visions that are linked to their business goals to help create and sustain healthy, engaged and productive employees.  We use expert data analytics, best-in-class consultative insight, and dedicated account management to deliver superior wellness products and custom services to our customers.

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At Vivacity, we help our customers achieve their goals by meeting even the most complex wellness challenges head-on. We work to improve your population’s health and productivity by designing wellness programs that drive participation, getting more of your employees to join and use your health and wellness programs. We identify which habits bring the most value to unique people and companies and pair those habits with the influence methods that will lead to the most reliable creation of positive health habits for the long term. Our custom approach boosts engagement by maintaining employee interest in your health and wellness programs so your employees keep coming back. Ultimately we help you build a sustained culture of well-being across your organization to support participation and engagement.

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Explore how our interactive data analysis and tailored incentive programs improve workforce health and save money. Our experienced and dedicated client team helps organizations predict future healthcare and productivity costs. We specialize in the design of highly tailored strategies to improve the health and productivity of any organization’s workforce.


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